what are the advantages of genuine leather

There are several reasons why leather has been championed by style and musical icons over the years, and this has as much to do with fashion as with the physical qualities of leather. As we’ve already looked at the cultural influence of leather in a previous article, let us now consider some of the key practical arguments that make leather one of the most prized textiles in the world.


Like many other natural fibers and materials, leather responds well to daily wear and tear. It’s one of the most durable materials available, which means that you can wear the same item of leather clothing for years, if not decades. Leather clothes are investment pieces, which is why it’s better to look for timeless design lines and neutral colors, rather than buying something very on-trend that will look dated in the future. If you’re thinking whether to choose natural or man-made leather, consider that, compared to faux leather (also called pleather or vegan leather), the useful life of a genuine leather garment can be twice or even three times as long.


Unlike other materials such as suede or canvas, which can only be worn under certain weather conditions, leather footwear and outerwear are versatile and lend themselves to many styles and occasions. You can wear leather shoes in sun or rain, on formal or casual occasions. From perforated designs that are best for summer, to shearling-lined bombers and coats, you can find leather jacket designs fit for every season. Sometimes, a single piece can take you from spring to the start of winter, which is why most people never need more than one leather jacket in their closet. Animal hides are used to make a huge variety of quality goods that we use every day, such as leather bags, belts, and Men's Shearling Sheepskin Coats . When you consider its various applications in automotive and home furniture, you can see that versatility is, in fact, a mark of the material’s quality.  


When you want to come across as powerful, aloof or even seductive, leather is the way to go. Thanks to its oft dubbed ‘masculine’ appeal, leather holds a special place among fashion garments and it is often chosen by wearers with a strong sense of personal style. From the zipped leather pants worn by music icons to luxe leather dresses, deconstructed Shearling Leather Jacket Women , or Matrix-style leather coats, there’s a plethora of avant-garde clothing items made from leather. These items lend their against-the-current character to the wearer and help to create a personal power look.

men’s leather jackets are crafted using cow or buffalo hide, sheepskin or lambskin, goat or calfskin leather that make for a perfect collaboration that enables you to have an impressive variety to choose from. Although colour is an important part of this creative process, style and shape, detail and personalization play an equal role that contributes to bringing your idea to life. This can be done through a cropped men’s light leather jacket or a vintage leather jacket. Or if you’d like some edgy detail, a studded leather jacket for men may be your thing. A leather jacket with hood or brown leather jacket or Red Leather Jacket we assure you The Jacket Maker isTHE place where you’d find the best men’s leather jackets eve

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